Nattens blomma 🌹

Lidelse genom dagen

som vissna blad

En blommas arma knopp,

när natten gör en glad

© Björn Blomqvist 2017

Nothing of nothing

An empty space
consists of nothing
Divided in two parts
The eyes are blind
by the black surface…

…Hindered by hearts

One world of hope
dreams of everything
Gathered on one place
Our Globe is blind
by the darkest clouds…

…It still an empty space

© Björn Blomqvist 2017-11-23

what ends?

The end,
end of something,
something that ends
in this moment,
ends up
in a living soul,
lost of hope,
hopes to end
that moment by

© Björn Blomqvist 2017-11-14

Sound of…

Closing my eyes
to the sound, no pain
Sound from the skies,
opening by the rain

Laying still, no silence,
storm throught the night
Black clouds of violence
a star is the only light

© Björn Blomqvist 2017-09-20

Den som inga byxor har…

Himlen i en ljus nyans, ett tyg ett hav
blåare än mönstret om sömmens nav
Skuggans mörka kant, en fåll ett stygn
starkare än solkustens alla dygn

Svetten kring midjan, en åtsittande här
varmare än hjärtats eldiga atmosfär
Gylfens tajta band, en dragning i sänder
svagare än värmen från dina händer

Gräset mot tyget, en grönska så stor
grönare än den avundsjuka som gror
Ytan i ett solblekt material, en hetta
obehagligare än den is som lättar

Oceaner av bara ben, ett byxlöst land
större än de jeans som sytts för hand
Tyget så raspigt känns, fläckat av slem
mjukare än lädret om spännet i en lem

@ Björn Blomqvist 2017-08-30

Me versus Erwin Panofsky

A long time ago, in 2004, when I was prepared to study at the university – I began to do art analysis. Mostly over the whole exhibition, not on single art work. I used a method I was comfortable with and perfect for my own thoughts (own constructed method).

Today, many years later – efter my degree from the university and with a master thesis in art history, I know more about other art theories in the field of art analysis. My thesis is about heraldic influences on emblems belongs to sport clubs. I done a symbolic and a comparative study about it.

The point is how my method is nearly the same as Erwin Panofsky’s (1892-1968) method to analyze art. Today, I’m more familiar with his theory, so I see likenesses and some minor differences. His first step or level of three in his method, is about what you see in the picture (pre-iconographic). My method when I do my analysis is the same, but with little more. According to Panofsky, it’s to analyze colours, lines, forms, objects, surfaces, directions and people etc. in the picture. I however, analyze movements and dimensions too. How objects can looks to be in a movement. The second is to look for depth through 3D. My favourite part is to look for 3D, (central perspective), as Leonardo painted it. I also analyze the texture, technics and the material etc.

One other task differ from Panofsky. That is how or on what part the analyze will be made. Mostly I do the analysis on the whole exhibition, not on single art works. I put shorter time on every art work and the same to do research about the artist. The background research is a important point for the second level in Panofsky’s method (iconographic), which is more time consuming than what I have time for. But sometimes, there is enough information about the artist in the folder at the gallery, so I do a minor background check.

Further in level 2 comes one of the most central point in my analyses. Find symbols and see the symbolic meaning with different elements in the picture. The same with icons. Hidden or non understanding icons and symbols, are what I love to find. Both my thesis for bachelor degree and the thesis for my master degree in art history, are studies on symbols and icons (but in different artistic areas).

So in my last part of my analysis, I’m already in the Panofsky’s third level (iconological). That is what I think and what I see as the painting’s message and to get my perceived feelings and my thoughts so I can give a final assessment of what I just viewed. My main focus is in what I see and what the painting want to say or tell me, and what I hear. Everything are to perceive it personally. Not even a artist know what am I perceiving and to feel in that moment when I look at the painting – also if he or she has a meaning to create an indignation at the viewer.

The conclusion is how I analyze art and how it is similar or not with Erwin Panofsky’s method. He of course, has many more parts in the analyze and I have no expectations, just hopes and discoveries when I visit an exhibition. So my point is how similar our methods are, even before I had knowledge about his method.

There are, of course other art historians and methods to explore. Svetlana Alpers and Heinrich Wölfflin for example. My point is to compare my method to analyze art in comparison with Panofsky’s method. 

Björn Blomqvist 2017-08-27


Jag är tillbaka,
likt solen som saknas
en dyster dag
i ett fallande

Jag skriver igen,
likt poeten och orden
en klarblå dag
i ett uppklarnades

Jag känner efter,
likt värmen under handflatan
en len afton
och ett upphällt
glas vin

Jag kommer hit,
likt en hungrig skribent
en sensommarmorgon
i ett kläckfärdigt

© Björn Blomqvist 2017-08-20

When or since?

Big but thin, in a bubble, I live

for the moment, yesterday, just now

Empty but alone, in my mind, I hope

for now, tomorrow, the day before

Invisible but alive, in other’s heads

for a week, or days,  in a moment


© Björn Blomqvist 2017-06-17

More ART?

IMG_1328It’s long time since I made an art analysis and the same since I visited an art exhibition. It has been most poetry – maybe, it’s time for a break from poetry and to blog more about art instead? This is both an art blog and a blog for poetry, so…

 …what do you think?


By the way,
mind in pieces
A human creation,
on first day,
second temptation,
Never mind,
a different kind

© Björn Blomqvist 2017-06-14


Livet, en solnedgång
i en konstbevattnad
Blommor växer,
blommor vissnar
Livet grävs upp
livet planteras…


© Björn Blomqvist 2017-06-08

A Poem about my Surname

Surname: Blomqvist

The name consists of two words in one name: (Blom) and (Qvist). Blom is the same as ”Blomma”; Flower (in english), but can also signify: ”Stå i blom”; Bloom or Blossom (in english). The other word is ”Qvist”, kvist with a Q. Kvist is Twig (in english).

The poem will therefore be about Flowers, in bloom, blossom and a Twig. – or more like a Twig with Flowers or a Flower'(s) Twig – or other flowering words that make me smile 🙂

Spring opened sun,
an early summer day,
in a flower’s nest,
in the end of may

Twigs in bloom,
in a flower bed,
in blossom color,
and roses in red

A summer night,
the frozen flower,
in bloom at time,
in every sunny hour

A flowering tree,
hides in the dark,
Me: the Flower*,
deep in the bark

*The Flower: ”Blomman” (in Swedish).

© Björn Blomqvist 2017-05-06


When and why
it stopped
my body function
Then and how
it started
my bloody anxiety

When and if
it had
my great thoughts
When and where
it left
my fate alone

© Björn Blomqvist 2017-05-03



Heavenly love…

A borderless love,
a lonely butterfly,

gotten color to rise
in a blue sunny sky

An eternal romance,
an empty place,

gotten hearts heat 
blue eyes and a sunny


© Björn Blomqvist 2017-04-16

Så lite det behövs…

Ett ord, bara ett enda ord 
maler glas till glaskross 
i ett vakuum av tomma tankar 
Ord av ondo, ord som förgör 
sågar stammen till sågspån 
i ett kalhygge efter fällda tårar 

© Björn Blomqvist 2017-03-21 


Djupa märken

En träkniv, sakta karvad 
djupt borrad i min själ 
Naggar i kanten om mitt 
hjärtas inramning 
En långsam, motsols vridning 
söndrar alla mina tankar, 
gänga för gänga… 

© Björn Blomqvist 2017-02-27


Det snurrar, världen i spinn
Jag på den, vill kräkas
Det går en eld genom kroppen
Jag i den, vill brinna upp
Det felas, måste repareras
Jag vid det, i ursäktandes stund

© Björn Blomqvist 2017-02-13


Choices are
under my bloody
Results are
on my unsolved

© Björn Blomqvist 2017-02-10


Landing in a storm,
in a storm I’m standing
I’m feeling the storm,
a storm rips my ceiling
Have to find the storm,
the storm in my mind

© Björn Blomqvist 2017-02-07

Struggle II

It’s a thought,
a word
who doesn’t
A travel
through my mind,
what it
I wonder if it
gets out
of my
crashed life
An unwelcome
to end a strife

© Björn Blomqvist  2017-02-04


Ovan marken i en svävande tanke
faller ilskan ned, fort och


I havet av ord hoppar en groda,
grön av avund fram, fort och



© Björn Blomqvist 2017-02-01


Varför dela 
min bild 
på nätet 
Den bild 
jag nyss tog 

Bara jag har 
den känslan 
där, just då 
å den tanken 
på den platsen 

Det är bilden 
och intrycket 
DU inte ser, 
känner eller 
vet finns där 

© Björn Blomqvist 2017-01-21


Again against angst

With or
without it,
it’s heavy
to carry,
or to have
in my head

In or out
that’s easy
to catch,
when it is
there all
the time

Up or down
it goes
when it
climbs on
every day
with the sun

© Björn Blomqvist 2017-01-10

Under hot

Arga blickar i raketfart

av glasskärvors sprängkraft

Viskning i undangömd vrå

drar sprinten ur granaten

Orosmolnet i atmosfären

döljer orden som försvann

En blick till och en ljudlös

upprepning lämnar allting

© Björn Blomqvist 2017-01-10 


Nattens täcke,
en dunkudde så vit
kastar sitt ljus
mot stjärnorna
En sovplats nära,
en flinga falla
för de kära

© Björn Blomqvist 2017-01-07

My published poetry – so far…


For the second time in two years I’ve been published as poet. This time with a love letter and before with a love poem. 

This is the two anthologies where you can read my contributions. I’m very happy to be published as poet (for the second time) and I know – I’ve more , about 160 poems to publish if that was possible?

© Björn Blomqvist 2016


Inside out
out of my mind
again the same
Up and down
down to find
the game

Before or after
after my time
on a break
Soon or later
late for a crime
I’ll make

To look up
up in the air
another day’s win
More or less
less be there
under my skin

© Björn Blomqvist 2016-12-01

Autumn house

Trace’s walks along the walls
Hidden places, none open door
Seasons comes, autumn’s calls
As the leaves, inside, a yellow floor

Colorfulness stands by a tree
Under the sky, heaven in grey
Mirroring outside, a cup of tea
As the memories all night and day

© Björn Blomqvist 2016-11-21


I’ll do it my way, only one way
I feel thoughts, only my thoughts
You don’t know, when nobody knows
You are blind, when all other are blind
We can’t feel the same, what I feel
We all have wrong, what I say,
…is wrong

© Björn Blomqvist 2016-11-16


Perhaps my poems
are written when I’m sad
but today I’m satisfied
and mostly glad
Sometimes I’m writing
about a sunny day
for to show what I
always want to say
Today, a better mood
only for you my friend
look up and smile, it’s good

© Björn Blomqvist 2016-10-30

Å… vilken känsla :(

Dag för dag, en dag i sänder 
nätter av svärta, i nattens händer 
Igår, idag oron som ränner 
inombords kluster jag känner 

Bakom skalet, under hudens yta 
blod och tårar, i ådrorna flyta 
Kastar sten, fångar grus genom lins 
berget i magen, det enda som finns 

Borta i tid, tidens läkande kur 
klockor ringa, visarna vet inte hur 
Dag till natt, mörker utan motgift 
ångestens resa, objuden på vift 

© Björn Blomqvist 2016-10-23 




En mjuk kropp
av ömma känslor
hårdnar tills den
spricker i tusen
arga bitar…

© Björn Blomqvist 2016-10-21

Daily struggle

Unstoppable feelings by flies
surround my body and head
Open graves never think twice
on thier behalf, they’re dead

Wrong sense leaves the earth
cold and frozen of emptiness
Two fighters – one singel birth
loose all struggles – in progress

Silent hopes for better days
crash the life on a living soul
Loud thoughts hear and says
what’s left in my lifelong bowl

© Björn Blomqvist 2016-10-22

A fire fight…

Unstoppable fire when it rains,
steals my heart and veins
Big thoughts in a minimal bowl
are destroying my soul
Invisible wounds by a wooden knife
are representing my empty life
Nothing of everything I find
are exploding in my mind

© Björn Blomqvist 2016-10-18


Jag dansar barfota på glöden, i otakt
Repet med ångestknutar drar
bröstet tillbaka, i obalans
Jag håller andan länge
under vattenytan, i halsgropen
Nätet med ångestmaskorna går
sönder och samman, i ovishet

© Björn Blomqvist 2016-10-17

For the last time…

img_0116-1Tonight, the last performance with our set of “Arsenic and old Lace”. I’m playing two roles. First, I’m playing the pastor in the play, pastor Harper. He is not only a man by the church, he’s also a widower. He mostly talks about his friendship to the two main characters in the play – the Brewster’s sisters, Abby and Martha. He’s unaware of what’s going on in there house in Brooklyn – year in 1940. After that he leaves the stage, about 8 scenes later – I’m switching to the character of a doctor. A doctor with a main job to switch looks on people, mostly his partner’s, the lost son of the Brewster family, Jonathan Brewster. In the role as the doctor, I’m talking with a German accent all the time and it’s both difficult and fun, but I’m succeeding with it, according to the audience’s opinion. 🙂 The doctor has to be a German doctor, because his name is Dr. Hermann Einstein and I play him the rest of the play.  What he and his partner Jonathan doing in the play, or what they have done before their escape from the police, is a task for the audience to see? 😉

What am I have play later is not clear, besides an already ongoing set of “Alice in Wonderland” with another theatre group. I know it’s three other plays to start shortly and I’m hoping to play in one of them.

…So if you’re reading this post – perhaps I find myself on stage in that moment and hopefully responds on your feedback later. 🎭

…Till then, be patient – I,ll be back. 🙂

© Björn Blomqvist 2016-10-01

Ready to act…

img_0079Ready for the stage and what's going on in an actor's head. A play about Brooklyn, alive or dead.

Premiere next week and what's happen after that. The answer hides in the hat.

Three times to play and what's looking good. Everything under the hood

At last and what's coming soon. Fly me to the moon.

© Björn Blomqvist 2016-09-18

At the lake


Thread, an invisible feeling
over head under reeling
Reflection, a visible look
to a reaktion by the hook

Storm, to strong and thin
like a worm under my skin
To dive, a try to disappear
counts to five, only a tear

Trees, two lines in the lake
the soul´s breeze of break
Leaves, lighter than a mind
of beliefs, or love we find

Fishes, a shoal in my life
takes my wishes in a strife
What now, a moment later
and how, feed the alligator

© Björn Blomqvist 2016-09-14


Han satte vinet
i vrångstrupen,
lika kärvt som

Som slussar
kastades vinet
genom luckorna
mot hans
torra läppar

Det var orden
orden hon sa,
orden han hörde
som fick floden
att kasta sig
ut över fallet

På botten,
under stenarna
där jorden täcker
det fördolda,
ligger nu ett krossat

@ Björn Blomqvist 2016-09-02


I did it again,
swallowed my mind
of control

to get…
Nothing of it

In this moment
I hate

© Björn Blomqvist 2016-09-02


Där kom den, 
en passning 
från huvudet, 
ut på kanten, 
i en nedtagning, 
på bröstet, 
så det smärtar, 
på insidan 

…en tankeattack

© Björn Blomqvist 2016-08-16


In the light
of a screen, when a
lost soul puts
a shadow
on the wall
A dark siluette
filled by
you never see
and feel
Locked screen,
a place
Just thoughts
in the air
to climb
over borders
No light, but thoughts
a shadow thing

© Björn Blomqvist 2016-08-14

Det mörka

Jag svävar inte
bland molnen
Jag är molnet,
det mörka
Molnet ni ser
på avstånd
från ett fönster
Jag gråter där
solen lyser
Nära regnbågens
vackra färger…

© Björn Blomqvist 2016-08-10

Det som kom, kommer igen. (En enkel snabb – på svenska).

Det som var borta 
i förfluten tid, förintat, 
avklippt och kasserat 
nu i detta nu 
Murar faller, sköldar 
som spricker 

Det som försvann, 
det som inte längre fanns 
Vandrar från huvudet 
genom bröstet i en 
kokande kittel i maggropen 
Jag såg det, jag kände det, 
komma igen

© Björn Blomqvist 2016-08-03

Fragile II 

Life wide

like a field

lifts borders

from a red sky

to a green carpet

when dead things

in a black night

crashes a vase 

on the skin,


throught my veins

© Björn Blomqvist 2016-07-31

Vad finns kvar?

På ett sluttande plan delas mitt inre som två halvor av en vattenmelon. Mina jag glider isär, studsandes över kanten så köttsaften yr över den soldränkta platån. Det bubblar i kroppen som stekta melonhalvor på grillen. Längre bort, i skuggan av mitt värde splittras livet när melonskalet giljotineras mot det karga stenblocket ingen velat flytta på. I bitar av det ätbara, blandad med allt som ska bort finns bara kärnorna kvar. Utspottad på bordet som uttjänta uranstavar ligger jag i kärnhögen och funderar på när det är dags att gå under jorden…

© Björn Blomqvist 2016-07-26

Devil’s stop

One singel thread
on devil’s horns
I’m walking barefoot
through the heat
on devil’s head

One open sky 
on my way to hell
I’m looking straight
through a firefight
in devil’s eye

One missing track
on devil’s map
I’m traveling alone
easy, and soundless
along devil’s back

© Björn Blomqvist 2016-07-25

Not another love poem – …again 😜

Like a rose by night,
you’re colourless
But on inside,
as the rose, a red
loving vibe

Like a rose in the wind,
you fall through
But I’m behind to receive,
when you fall for
the wind, to believe

…in love

© Björn Blomqvist 2016-06-21

Love in rhyme

From nowhere,
something smart
When words
are bouncing
on my heart

Through eyes,
and open ears
Your whisperings
are drying
my tears

In one moment,
a fearless time
two souls and
our love,
isn’t a crime

© Björn Blomqvist 2016-06-10