At last – a minor report

Hi there! 

Today, at last, I started to write on my second crime novel. This time I’m gonna make it. I have big plans and everything has to be perfect before I’m sending the manuscript to the publishing company. Of course, I,ve no big expectations but big dreams. It’s the dreams that help me to fly over the obstacles. 

Environments, era and characters will be the same, but of course, a new murder mystery. My goal this time, is to be finished with the draft at the end of the year. If I fail, kick me in the ass – very hard! 😉

Björn Blomqvist 2016-04-26

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Björn Blomqvist

Published Poet with B.A. In Art History and B.A. in History too. Blogs about Art and Culture encounters, art analysis and about history and trevels. Still writing on my first novel and meanwhile a lot of Poetry. Some kind of Word Artist...


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