From the silence of the forest to urban life

Today I was at the Gallery Sjöhästen again, for the hundredth time. A short visit with this very short art analysis is from an art exhibition by John Ramberg. It’s aquarelles in a variety of sizes and Compositions. The exhibition took me on a journey from inanimate objects and the silence of the woods to vibrant city life.

The first three images depicting different scrap cars in a dense forest. The motifs are taken from the car cemetery in Småland. A popular place to visit. Rusty car wrecks and the silence changing shape when the remaining works of art have motives from urban life. Mostly vehicles (without being rusty car wrecks) and people among the cityscape.

The common in many works is the coloring in shades of yellow. Many people in the motifs are silhouettes therefore the artist puts a contre-jour into the picture. Other light sources in the pictures are street lamps or a car’s headlights for example.

The texture is rough, so the images tend to viewed best on a distance. Coloring in yellow and beige are dominant. Most objects are linear and the images have depth in 3D.

I liked the journey from symbolic motives of silence, death and still life to everything of life and living people. It’s a good contrast.

Björn Blomqvist 2015-02-05


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