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The sad poet

IMG_0316Darkness in mind
black holes in universe
Feelings goes behind
deep words on verse
Puzzle of inner fight
wounded by ego trip
Souls dark as the night
phrases along strip
No words from heart
lose control losing life
New chance a new start
throwing the knife
Tears behind my eyes
cold fluid frozen ice
moments to catch flies
cuts my ties

© Björn Blomqvist 2015-02-20


Någon inom mig sitter
rattar och styr
Någon framför mig går
sakta och tyst
Någon i mitt huvud hör
brister och fel
Någon bakom mig finns
sorgsen och rädd
Någon i det undermedvetna
förhalar och tar
Någon utanför min sfär
ovetande och rak
Någon emot mig agerar
stark och smart
Någon till mig säger
kasta och glöm

© Björn Blomqvist 2015-01-28

Living the dream

HäroldMy writing is based on three areas of interest. Poetry, art analysis and fiction. I try to make progress in all the three areas with varying degrees of effort.

Sometimes, the poetry is in focus and sometimes my ongoing manuscript, but in fact, I’m an art historian and I should focus on it in the first place. My writing is still a hobby and without any great feats or good knowledge.

I write on my second manuscript – after that the first manuscript has been sidelined because of a lack of self confidence. I’m living on the dream and I hope for the best, whether it’s in the field of art history or poetry.

I publish poems here on the blog because I want to express my feelings. It’s the present emotional state that control how the poem will be designed. It can also be something that caught my senses of interest. It can be a smell, a lovely place or a special taste, etc.

Anyway, I’ll continue with my writing – but my biggest opponent to destroy the success of my accomplishments, it’s must be me myself. Low self confidence and low self-esteem could be the contributing factors. I can’t promise that I will succeed.

The most important is my force to live on the dream, and especially my honesty in this blog post.

Dream when awakeness keeps the dreams alive.

Björn Blomqvist 2015-01-03

Anger II

Boiling pressure 
inside body 
like a tube
Two ends 
of crackling corks
seconds to explode 
Hours of 
empty thoughts
feelings through darkness
converts anger 
to disaster

© Björn Blomqvist 2015-01-01


As dark as
the colour
on the letters
like deeply
is the thoughts
in my head
To paint my feelings
painted i black
I close 
my eyes
Björn Blomqvist 2014-10-20


Threats to my
free will
A contradiction
over the shield
Freedom on fire
a firewall
of bullet holes
Shrink slowly
in distressed situations
large arguments
I slowly corrode
from inside
Björn Blomqvist 2014-10-19