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Shared Moments 

I just borrowed the sun
that shines in your eyes,
to dry my lonely tears

I walked by the path  
you have in your heart,
to share my moments

I sailed by the wind
in your broken mind,
to lighten my anchor 

I caught the sky
you sent down to me,
to open my soul

© Björn Blomqvist 2022-01-16


On a bench, a painted word
drops down on a leaf
By a leaf, a silent touch
lifts an eye above the head
Inside a head, a good thought
spinning to slips aside
One step aside, a bad
feeling bouncing in the chest
Deep inside the chest, a new word
waiting to paint a heart
Stuck in a heart, a painted letter
still rest on a bench

©️ Björn Blomqvist 2022-01-09

In Bloom…

🥀 The Flower as I 🌻

From a crack in the street, grew a flower with the aim of eternal life.
The asphalt that covered playgrounds and cycling paths was surrounded by concrete houses.
He grew up beyond all the fine flower arrangements and the road was never straight.
The road that led him forward was crooked and lined with obstacles and resistance.
The acquisition, which was governed by inheritance and obligation, was the predetermined course.
Nothing went as wrong as the credible thesis – a theory failed.
With death as a close visitor, the life got a second chance.
From an asphalt flower to a victim after a deadly journey under a vehicle, the wounded plant rised against all odds.
From a course change to discourse in the academic flower box, new seeds where spread.
Nectar that has always been there was suffocated due to uncertainty.
The survivor of the working-class society became a conqueror of dual bachelor’s degree.
The conquest is unique in the collection of familiar flowers.
Dramatized acting on stage became plant nutrient to the root.
The strength of memorizing the words in the script, became the flower’s power on the stage.
Predisposition for artistic analysis is the strength that strengthens the stem.
Water and sun are mixed with culture that breathes over the leaves.
The pot of poetry will be filled to the brim with hungry poems to feed a starving poet.
Words and emotions are fed with stanzas and verses from the middle of the soul
The damaged flower survived a serious car accident (this day 41 years ago) and he is still in bloom.

© Blomman 2022-01-07


Small fragments                                                 
of a light wind                                                     blowing away, fast 
of a slow storm, 
full of anxiety.                 

A hurricane spins
around as a typhoon
in my head until 
I fall like the
house of cards. 

I lie flat on 
the ground until 
it sinks away,
lower and lower,
and I with it… 

©️ Blomman 2022-01-01

Between Grief and Grapes

Barrels full of tears in a sad patrol, rest to store fears in rows, surrounded by it’s enemies in oak uniforms. Red wine in the color of spilled blood, survived the battle between the grief and the grapes. In frontline with shields, thin like the shells of the grapes, a bloodline is the line behind the enemy. The infantry still standing on the feet of the wine glasses, ready to fight for what they crying for. Deep down in a wine cellar, far from the sunlight, lies a grief, alone and missed by the survivors who refusing to leave them for the next harvest.

© Björn Blomqvist 2021-12-15

Along the Road

Step by step on a forgiving road,  

a walk alone

Heavy rain falls from the fog, 

a day to remember 

Going back for a moment, 

a memory on a stone 

Lights in the night on a shining mind, 

a day in november 

Tone after tone of a surviving song,  

a mystery voice 

Heavy clouds push me down, 

an emotional fight

Climbs up through the haze, 

haven’t a choice

Strength in the body on a rising soul, 

to catch what’s right 

© Björn Blomqvist 2021-12-12

🎼 Once

Be the way,
easily walked
inside my heart

Be the song,
beautifully sung
outside my soul

Be the melody,
softly played
through my head

Be the dream,
slowly touched
on my mind

Be the words,
lovely whispered
in my ears

© Björn Blomqvist 2021-12-10