English Poems ©

A fire fight

Unstoppable fire when it rains,
steals my heart and veins
Big thoughts in a minimal bowl
are destroying my soul
Invisible wounds by a wooden knife
are representing my empty life
Nothing of everything I find
are exploding in my mind


At the lake

Thread, an invisible feeling
over head under reeling 
Reflection, a visible look
to a reaktion by the hook

Storm, to strong and thin
like a worm under my skin
To dive, a try to disappear
counts to five, only a tear

Trees, two lines in the lake
the soul´s breeze of break
Leaves, lighter than a mind
of beliefs, or love we find

Fishes, a shoal in my life 
takes my wishes in a strife
What now, a moment later
and how, feed the alligator



I did it again,
swallowed my mind
of control

to get…
Nothing of it

In this moment
I hate



In the light
of a screen, when a
lost soul puts
a shadow
on the wall
A dark siluette
filled by
you never see
and feel
Locked screen,
a place
Just thoughts
in the air
to climb
over borders
No light, but thoughts
a shadow thing


Fragile II 

Life wide

like a field

lifts borders

from a red sky

to a green carpet

when dead things

in a black night

crashes a vase 

on the skin,


throught my veins


Devil’s stop
One singel thread 
on devil’s horns
I’m walking barefoot
through the heat 
on devil’s head
One open sky 
on my way to hell
I’m looking straight
through a firefight 
in devil’s eye
One missing track
on devil’s map
I’m traveling alone
easy, and soundless
along devil’s back


Not another love poem – …again

Like a rose by night,
you’re colourless 
But on inside, 
as the rose, a red 
loving vibe

Like a rose in the wind, 
you fall through 
But I’m behind to receive, 
when you fall for 
the wind, to believe

…in love


Love in rhyme 

From nowhere, 
something smart
When words 
are bouncing 
on my heart

Through eyes, 
and open ears 
Your whisperings 
are drying
my tears

In one moment,
a fearless time 
two souls and 
our love,
isn’t a crime



You got the picture
I see pieces 
in a mirror
You show the sky
I see clouds, 
dark and heavy
You hold it in
your hand
when it slips 
my fingers
You drive me crazy
I drive, away



Everyday a struggle
Everyday a game
Inside me
outside the ring
Every time a thought
Every time a moment
In my head
out of time…


Black Rose

Deep in thoughts 
along inner darkness
a road over a bunch 
of roses
One thorn one step
hurt soul, hurts
to scratch 
the moonlight


Fight Right…

Inside out a map
of sad moments 
to pretending a gap
of bad moments
Deep down in mind
by dark feelings
to hunting and find
by shark feelings
Out of the play
to have a fight 
of a struggling  day 
to save a fight



Well at home…

I landed by the road
softly and easy, but
after, after work 
a turbulence inside 
my thinking engine
starts a fire of 
conspiratorial ghosts
from side to side
on the road through

My brain…


A short poem about the spring but a poem with a long title so far…

Fields of flowers,
birds in the sky
Early morning song,
birds saying Hi!

The sun and I,
shines like a star
season two comes,
shines where you are



…Like a stone

Without a letter 
far away and back 
nothing isn’t better 
to hiding a track 

From one side to 
another in my head
hunting for you
I thought were dead

The anguished feeling 
without a name 
comes by healing
allways the same

…Leave me alone



Can’t find that feeling
I’m searching for
A mood who
doesn’t exists
at the end
of the rainbow


Wrong sense

Every star that night
walked on my back 
as a sleepless tour
headed for a fight

Early morning sun
jumped on my chest
in a moment later 
stopped me to run

Heavy rain by storm
bounced on my face
as shivery skin layer
slimy like a worm


Mr Confused, Mr Clumsy and I

I did’t again, one name, 
a confused thought
Same name two persons, 
my angst they brought

I did’t again, I’m sorry
a misstake will start
Same thing, two times,
blood to my heart

I did’t again, why me,
a dysfunctional dude
Same week, two moments,
that’s too rude

I did’t again, I hate it,
a recurring error
Same body, two souls,
can’t stop the terror


Lost Soul…

My mind, 
a small society 
to control 
a bigger task
My life, 
a lost loyalty 
to wear 
an existing mask


It’s in  the  air…

When the truth
doesn’t hurts,
an open sky of
empty clouds
and two souls
in a puzzle,
goes a love-filled
river over
my sweaty body

When the love
doesn’t hurts,
a sunny sky of
shiny talks
and bright light
in your eyes,
walks a heavy
heart-beat over
your wet body


Closed Door

Height of the door 
a question through 
forms of answers
Color of the door
a guessing game
of dark mysteries
Behind closed door 
a blind soul raises 
unknown expectations


dlrow nwoD edispU yM

Have to spinn 
my world around 
my broken shaft
Must stop 
my wheel inside 
my empty chest
Need to destroy 
my earth in 
my bleeding hands
Want to put 
my heart back to 
my dignity


Till the end

When all truth is bleeding
behind the shield of wounds, 
walks a lie down by my back 
When fresh tears are falling
upon the cheek of damages, 
blows a dream away from me
When my destiny ends up
beside the crack in my heart,
goes a shadow over my body



The Seeker

Soundless steps in my
heart that fill my
soul of sweetness
want to hunt my destiny
to places of happiness
I try to find, somewhere

High volumes of voices 
in my head, play drums 
to push my thoughts 
on a risky trip to Mars 
and forgotten places 
I try to find, somewhere


Sleepless thoughts

Endless wheels
an act of circus
around my bed
and how it feels 
inside my head

Mindless fears
an art of living
inside my mind 
and fall of tears
sees what I find


Explore life

Deep inner trip as 
the never ending hunt
An invisible map, empty 
upside down in my forehead
When I lose pace, the brain 
runs too fast on walkways 
In future moments through 
past darkness no present time 
In the end of the rainbow, 
the end of all, no maps
no meaning


Love mirror

Down by the rocks
looking straight
in a mirror by the lake
Black surface
catches your smile,
eye color the same
The sun sweeps
the light, hitting hands
through water
Love in the waves
shapes hearts
by silent leaf



Slice of kindness
in a box, shaken
not stirred
Destiny of birth
by shadows, seek
and find
Unselfish sounds
like screams, only
the lonely…


 Devil’s Week

Who to guide
through darkness
What day, seven days
by evil tours
First impression
Last expression



From inside I cry
nobody sees
Courage weakened
nobody knows
Locked thoughts
nothing helps
Shouts in my chest
no one hears
Heart that bleeds
nobody there


The Night’s tears

In the arms 
of the moonlight 
a trembling body 
to rest the mind 
dark as the night skyMilky Way and invisible 
stars, passing by 
close to the moon 
far from the sight 
dark as my eyes…of visual tears



Heavy rain 
over leafs 
my broken veins 
Deep craters 
on the Moon 
my wounded heart



You are there,
lost forever,
as I thought
Today, you
waked me up
as the unwelcome
you are, for me


Devil’s time

Who to walk 
in my soul 
when the time 
of freedom
is surrounded 
by Devil’s steps 
in high heels



Inner wounds being
when the time to cure
stands still

Looking back instead of
present time 
starts the engines of 
bad thoughts

In bad condition of 
inner thoughts,
old happenings revealing 
states of mind


barricading future moments 
in life


Through my body

Soundless fear by 
heavy footsteps 
A huge thrill 
in the chest
boils the anxiety 
from belly to head


External Silence

Let the anxiety
silent the mouth
The roar of an echo
from calls
of my inner



Space between
my cerebral hemispheres
empty as the line
to divide
my soul
Different powers to work
on either side
on me
pull thoughts apart
for giving me



In my head you are
the master
of comparison
I see what you see
to compare
good or better
in the scale of my
worthless skills
to pretending be good



Like fire in my mind it appears 
beyond untold stories
Nothing happens, until 
my thoughts will starting 
my engine

On all four cylinders, by 
sparkling noises
Nothing happens, until
my veins will end
my game


Word fall

By high heels stands
through words in a flow
Your words filled of wet
fragments by empty pace
in a try to put love
in every sentence
You open all gaps
open widely to give



circle marks on the table
signs of yesterday’s 
marks on edge a falling glass 
the ground 
struggle by anger 
a covered table upside 
heats the smashed glass 
deep down through blades 
of grass



To heat my anger
I put my heart
my body
To burn my hate
I’m living
To shred my will
I write my words
my head



Through my eyes
you’ll see
Through my lies
you’ll be
hopelessly in love
trapped by truth
By your tears
I’ll dry
By your fears
I’ll die
honoured to live
trapped by you


Inner secrets

Follow the path to follow 
the light
Walk beside to walk 
Look around to look 
Stand still to stand 
inside me
Search now to search
my inner
Move inside to move
my heart


Anger II

Boiling pressure
inside body
like a tube
Two ends
of crackling corks
seconds to explode
Hours of
empty thoughts
feelings through darkness
converts anger
to disaster



The word stuck 
in his throat 
in the neck 
of a saxophone 
From the raucous 
tone it came 
The word 
of love



A day I don’t float
on the cloud
It appears above
my head
a cloud filled
of anxiety
A day heavy grey

drops tears
on my head
A cold breeze through
my body
A day icy shivers move
my daily focus
I fall…



From inside 
I boil
of anger
through spicy 
Of their play
I’m tend 
of being 
their hated



Losing words
in moment of
silent anger
and scratch skin
in time of
inner wounds
is to pick thorns
in a garden of
dead roses

Bad confidence

From nowhere
you came
Perhaps I
pretending that
you don’t
so leave me



As dark as 
the colour 
on the letters
like deeply
is the thoughts
in my head
To paint my feelings 
painted i black 
I close 
my eyes



Threats to my 
free will
A contradiction
over the shield
Freedom on fire
a firewall
of bullet holes
Shrink slowly
in distressed situations
large arguments
I slowly corrode
from inside 



My childhood
a trip
on a chessboard
Black moments
bright moments
Wrong move
the future

The Breeze

She came like a breeze
stopped like a storm
I sailed against the wind
stops by her waves

Her mood in the wind
the life as a hurricane
I crossed the wind
caressed the surface

We sink to the bottom
the breeze and I
We crawl in the sand
the breeze and I


The Trip

Ticket to Hell
the usual route
way down
in depth
of my anxiety
The time
stands still
in a frozen



Something is broken
something aches
Where on inside
all the slashes
The pain comes
the pain will stay
Behind the wounds
I count my day



Like love in a typhoon
you opened my heart
As a glance at a flare
you captured my soul
As a kiss in a wave
you are like a tsunami
As a smile in the sun
you shine like a star
As thoughts in a body
your deepest love


For you
I try to surf
the waves
in your
wine glass
and spread
the words
of love
through your

Visual Struggle 

Counts steps, chasing shadows 
Stays up, looking down 
Operating Shadow, still sun
Gray silhouettes, white clouds 
Runs fast, creeping light 
Light winds, heavy heartbeat 
Deep breathing, falling flat 
Curved body, full length street 
Bright surface, dark thoughts 
Open path, eyes closed



Moving night light
walking the rain
flickering sight
tears from pain

Close eyes
fear the bond
silent cries
in glassy pond

A falling tear
wet on cheek
nothing to fear
an emotional peak



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