For the last time…

img_0116-1Tonight, the last performance with our set of “Arsenic and old Lace”. I’m playing two roles. First, I’m playing the pastor in the play, pastor Harper. He is not only a man by the church, he’s also a widower. He mostly talks about his friendship to the two main characters in the play – the Brewster’s sisters, Abby and Martha. He’s unaware of what’s going on in there house in Brooklyn – year in 1940. After that he leaves the stage, about 8 scenes later – I’m switching to the character of a doctor. A doctor with a main job to switch looks on people, mostly his partner’s, the lost son of the Brewster family, Jonathan Brewster. In the role as the doctor, I’m talking with a German accent all the time and it’s both difficult and fun, but I’m succeeding with it, according to the audience’s opinion. 🙂 The doctor has to be a German doctor, because his name is Dr. Hermann Einstein and I play him the rest of the play.  What he and his partner Jonathan doing in the play, or what they have done before their escape from the police, is a task for the audience to see? 😉

What am I have play later is not clear, besides an already ongoing set of “Alice in Wonderland” with another theatre group. I know it’s three other plays to start shortly and I’m hoping to play in one of them.

…So if you’re reading this post – perhaps I find myself on stage in that moment and hopefully responds on your feedback later. 🎭

…Till then, be patient – I,ll be back. 🙂

© Björn Blomqvist 2016-10-01


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