A start…

IMG_0736It started with a step – one step through the floor. I stepped on the floor and put my foot through rotten floorboards. Later, I started to rip them up, every single plank and all rotten joists.

Now, I would fix my dream of a ”skrivarlya” in the shed (a secluded place where I can sit and write) – undisturbed. The process have taken long time. A new floor and new paint on the walls as well. White walls and floor in gray.

I also took the opportunity to wallpaper one wall. After a while, it was only minor interior details left to adjust. A carpet, table, hooks and a curtain of course, for example. In front of the window, a table for my writing and on the opposite side, space for garden tools etc.

I really looking forward to a summer with many writing moments. Maybe I can be finished with the book, or starting my second poetry collection. Today, I´ve already written a poem. A short poem in Swedish (see previous post).

The process and progress can be seen on the following pictures. I’m satisfied and hope I can keep the place in good condition. 🙂

© Björn Blomqvist 2015-07-05


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