Book report

cropped-img_041411.jpgA short report of my ongoing book project telling me that I’m on the right track. Two more chapters and many new pages has been written the last three days. I know that is just a beginning. The novel is only 62 pages long. It’s perhaps 20% of total length. I don’t want to tell what the novel is about, that’s a secret. I hope you soon, have the answer or know more about the story, because I want the novel to be published, sometime, somehow! 😉

Björn Blomqvist 2015-02-02 

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Björn Blomqvist

Published Poet with B.A. In Art History and B.A. in History too. Blogs about Art and Culture encounters, art analysis and about history and trevels. Still writing on my first novel and meanwhile a lot of Poetry. Some kind of Word Artist...


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