Beautiful “Femöre”

IMG_0149To celebrate, we started our trip – as usual, trip to Femöre. Perhaps the most beautiful place along the east coast. In almost 2,5 hours we wandered along the peninsula and stayed for photography, coffee break and a glance over a part of the Baltic Sea.

IMG_0187The first picture is from the place where we had coffee break. Coffee and garlic bread with butter and roast beef. Thereafter a trip along the paths in the forest – that’s a part of the long footpath, “Sörmlandsleden”.

9600 steps we walked – which is about 7 km walk along forests, cliffs and lagoons. The total length of Sörmlandsleden, is however, very much longer than our 7 kilometers. Nearly 1000 kilometers through the county.


IMG_0186Shortly after the journey – the sun was ready for the sunset. The sun is facing south, just before her rest, down in the west. The water is calm, likewise the wind. The only thing that moves is the occasional boats and ships far out. Lightweight waves from a smaller boat, easily hits against one of the cliffs.

Two pairs of feet and four paws are very pleased with the trip. Tired and bathed (the dog), we headed back to the car. We also found new places to have a picnic at later this spring. Count on that!

Perhaps we are privileged to have such a beautiful nature, just a few kilometers from our home. This is perhaps the reason why I, in all years, still live here – apart from a short session during three years in south of Sweden.

Note: It’s Sweden, in winter – 5 days after New Years eve. No snow.

I have one more photo to show, but I save it to the next blog post.

…In a poem of course.

Björn Blomqvist 2015-01-05

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Björn Blomqvist

Aspiring author with a bachelor's degree in art history and visual communication and a bachelor's degree in history. Writes on a debut novel. Amateur actor and poet - sometimes writes art reports and articles from art exhibitions.

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